Welcome to Dusting Automotive in Melbourne

At Dusting Automotive our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing high-quality automotive service. We understand the pain that is inflicted on car owners when their beloved car is subjected to damage, no matter how big or small. Whether it be a small paint scratch or a giant smash due to a collision, we understand the emotional turmoil as well as inconvenience that you must go through. That is why our expert team of mechanics are at the ready to ensure that your car comes back to you in showroom condition.

Effective Automotive Services Provided by Dusting Automotive

We, at Dusting Automotive, help our customers with cars of all models and makes by providing a variety of services, including:
• Panel beating
• Car spray painting and respray painting
• Wheel alignment
• Brakes and clutch repairs
• Smash and dent repairs
• Scheduled car maintenance
• Toyota car servicing
We believe in letting our work speak for itself, which has resulted in Dusting Automotive becoming one of the top car service provider in Melbourne with customer-friendly pricing. Any car related problem? Just give us a call. Our friendly technicians are industry experts and can provide customized solutions for all car related queries!

Effective Automotive Services