Car Maintenance Schedule Service in Melbourne

Every car owner will recognize the need to ensure that their car undergoes regular maintenance. Having a regular car maintenance schedule ensures that your car is kept in pristine condition while also extending your car’s life despite increasing kilometers. Dusting Automotive in Melbourne is known for imparting quality service to our customers in all things automobile related. Before booking your car for a service schedule, here are some milestones to guide you in deciding when to get your beloved car checked up by our qualified team.

Important Milestones on a Car Service Schedule

There are usually 5 main milestones to look out for while booking a scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. While some mechanics measure this in terms of kilometers, some measure it in years and some use a combination of both, kilometers, and years. These milestones are 10,000 Kilometers/6 months, 40,000 kilometers / 2 years, 60,000-80,000 kilometers / 3-4 years, 80,000-120,000 kilometers / 4-6 years, and 120,000 kilometers / 6 years. It is important to note that while there are some standard checks that need to occur at all scheduled maintenance services, with each milestone, there are different components of the car that need to be checked for wear and tear.

Car Maintenance Schedule Service

At 10,000 Kilometers/6 Months:

When you reach the 10,000-kilometer or 6-month mark, whichever comes first, that is the time to get your car in for maintenance. The first component of your car that needs to be checked up is the scheduled oil change. You also need to ensure that your filter has been changed. Dusting Automotive will also provide lubrication to the chassis of your car. Our mechanics will confirm that the car’s battery is in great functioning condition as well as ensuring that all fluid levels and car cables are in workable condition.

At 40,000 Kilometers/2 Years:

Scheduled oil change is the first on the scheduled car maintenance. Lubrication of the car components, inspection and top-off of fluid levels, along with a general car check-up will be next priority. New components to be checked at this stage would be the car tyres, which will be rotated and checked for efficiency as well as inspection of all bolts being tight enough. Air filters as well as fuel filters are changed to ensure that there are no blockages or clogs in them. Our mechanics will also check the brakes for efficiency and for any leaks around the calipers.

At 60,000-80,000 Kilometers/3-4 Years:

Standard scheduled oil change as well as filter change is required at this stage of the car’s service appointment. Brake pads are checked by our experts for functionality and looked at for any damage or leaks occurring. Tyres will be rotated and checked for efficiency. Transmission fluid, fuel filter, and car battery undergo a check as well. Since there are a lot of kilometers on your vehicle, an entire car inspection will take place to ensure everything is in working order. This includes, but is not limited to, checking of brake pads, brake rotors, brake fluid as well as the coolant to ensure the engine does not overheat.

At 80,000-120,000 kilometers/4-6 Years:

Standard overall car maintenance will take place. However, at this stage, our mechanics will service the transmission by draining the existing fluid and flushing it clean, and finally filling it with fresh fluid. The car’s battery terminal service is tested next and is checked for functionality. The car’s computer components are then inspected to ensure they are operational and the brake master cylinder is checked. The ABS modular is also tested at this stage. Timing belt/chain and water pump, power steering fluid as well as the ignition system are checked. This includes checking the platinum spark plugs and wiper rubbers to ensure functionality.

At 120,000 Kilometers/6 years:

This is the stage where our professional team of mechanics will test every component of the car. By this point, most cars’ warranties expire, so there are few aspect which need special attention. O2 sensors should be checked. This is because after driving for so long, there is a possibility of accumulated combustion production. A fuel injector cleaning is also done as carbon may have accumulated on caps, which in turn will affect the fuel spray pattern. Shock absorbers too are checked to ensure the driver’s and the passenger’s safety.

Whether it be wheel alignment, scheduled oil change, spray painting, smash repairs or dealing with brake and clutch repairs, our expert mechanics are armed with years’ worth of industry experience and high-quality equipment and technology to provide outstanding service to our customers at an incredibly reasonable rate. At Dusting Automotive, we are passionate about all things car-related and ensure customer satisfaction through quality service. Call us today to schedule your next car service schedule.

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