Car Spray Painting & Panel Beating Services in Mount Waverley

It is a source of great pain to every car owner when their beloved car’s paint chips off or gets scratched and damaged in any way. Years of use naturally dulls the paint and colour of most cars. That is why we at Dusting Automotive strive to provide customer satisfaction by imparting impeccable car spray painting services. Our expert car spray painters in Mount Waverley have years of experience in the craft of restoring their car to their former glory via car spray painting, no matter the model. And the best part? Your car will come out gleaming in all its glory and at a price that does not end up burning a hole in your pocket.

Need a full car respray? No worries! Our experienced car spray painters will ensure that your car gets the best makeover at a cheap rate and least amount of time. Our professionals ensure proper colour matching is done so that your car can be restored to showroom condition. Moreover, our mobile car spray painting experts will not only save your travelling money but will also reduce your travel time! When it comes to car spray painting, we believe in nothing short of excellence. No matter where you are, our specialists will ensure you are provided with quality service at the location you are at.

Known for our superior panel beating services, Dusting Automotive provides customers with jack panel beating in a fast turnaround time! Offering cheap panel beaters, we strive to ensure that our customers’ car needs are met on time, every time. The price covers the repair parts as well as the labour cost. When an accident – big or small – occurs, it is wise to get it attended to by well-trained panel beaters in Mount Waverley such as our professionals in Dusting Automotive. If the chassis or the framework of your car has been damaged in any way, it is best to have a panel beater expert to attend to it at the earliest.

Car Smash Repairs & Wheel Alignment Balancing in Mount Waverley

If your car has been subjected to any collision or damage, our team at Dusting Automotive, will specialize in car smash repairs as well wheel alignment. Armed with years of experience and technical industry knowledge, our professionals are well known for auto crash repairs to cars of all models and makes at a very reasonable cost. Any damage to your beloved car such as paint damage, dents, hail damage, chips, scratches etc is our concern.

Equipped with modern technology, our workshop ensures that your car receives the care and attention it deserves. Our well-trained mechanics thoroughly assess the damage and the extent of stress your car has been subjected to. We supply our customers with immense support, providing the best crash repair services in Mount Waverley. It is extremely important that while dealing with crash repairs, our mechanics stay within the tolerance limit that is set for every car by its manufacturer. It becomes an infinitely smoother road to getting insurance claims approved if this main criterion is adhered to.

Another important aspect of cars is their wheel alignment and balancing. If the car’s wheel alignment is askew, it not only uses up more fuel to keep your car functioning and puts unnecessary stress on the internal system, but it also significantly increases the likelihood of accidents. If you notice any of the following signs while driving, be sure to take your vehicle to Dusting Automotive, your professional car expert, at the earlier:

1. When one tyre is more worn out than the other
2. If your steering is set straight but your car goes a little to the side
3. If you have hit something on the road while driving

Offering some of the best car wheel alignment services in Mount Waverley, we believe that wheel alignment should never be taken lightly as a skewed car wheel alignment risks the safety of you as well as your loved one.

Hence, it is a great idea to ensure that your beloved gets routine car servicing. Dusting Automotive is well known in Mount Waverley for imparting quality car service schedule to our customers. There are usually 5 main milestones to look out for while booking a scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, which are 10,000 kilometers / 6 months, 40,000 kilometers / 2 years, 60,000-80,000 kilometers / 3-4 years, 80,000-120,000 kilometers / 4-6 years, 120,000 kilometers / 6 years. When your car reaches any of these milestones, ensure that your car undergoes routine car service scheduling to increase not just its longevity but also its functionality.

Our licensed mechanics perform a detailed diagnosis of your car at every stage and ensure the right measure is taken accordingly. This not only ensures your car’s pristine condition but also results in overall savings as a well-functioning car uses less fuel than those vehicles which have not been serviced for quite some time.

Toyota Car Mechanic Service & Brake Clutch Repairs Mount Waverley

We also offer Toyota Car Mechanic service along with thorough brake and clutch repair. The brake to idle failsafe is reprogrammed into the computer, which safeguards against the possibility of any accident occurring due to acceleration. Our expert mechanics at

Dusting Automotive take care of Toyota cars in Mount Waverley.

One can never take the matter of well-functioning brake and clutch system as the safety of the passengers is dependent on this system. Our clutch specialists at Dusting Automotive provide thorough inspection upon arrival to get to the root cause of the problem. Clutch and brake work in tandem, both being subject to wear and tear over time. This can lead to reduced responsiveness. If you notice any early signs, ring our expert brake specialist who will provide you a customised plan of action and vigorous car inspection to make certain that any old, worn-out components of the brake or the clutch system are replaced by high-quality parts to ensure efficiency and safety.

Specializing in all automobile-related services, Dusting Automotive offer a range of mechanical repair services such crash repairs, general auto repair and maintenance, fuel system repairs, computer diagnostic testing, steering and suspension work, to name a few.

Got a question brewing? Give our experts a call to receive customised advice to keep your car in its showroom condition.

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