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Owning a car provides not only convenience, but it is also a source of joy and pride to its owners. However, owning a car comes with its own share of responsibilities. There is a possibility of a small accident occurring, which results in a dent in the car door, the sides of the car being scratched, the paint chipping, and many more. When an accident—big or small—occurs, it is wise to get it looked over and attended to by well-trained and experienced panel beaters in Melbourne such as the professionals from Dusting Automotive.

Some car insurance companies may have a specific panel beating shop that they would require you to go to, while others give you a free choice in the matter. If you do have the option to choose your panel beater, it is crucial to surf as many options as possible before finalizing on your choice of panel beating services. There are cheap panel beaters available for you if your car has been involved in a collision.

Panel Beating Services

Tips on How to Find the Best Panel Beater Service in Melbourne

Here are some tips to help you choose a panel beating shop to restore your car to its former glory:

1. The Price Factor: After your car has been through a collision, high costs to repair can cause severe stress. However, be sure to surf the market for cheap panel beaters. Dusting Automotive in Melbourne provides professional service without pinching your pocket. You can get a detailed quote from us, which will cover both the repairs as well as the labour. The costs for small repairs can range in price, so it is best to get a handful of price ranges from cheap panel beaters to decide which is worthwhile. However, if parts of the car have suffered significant damage, it can be cheaper to replace them instead of repairing them.

2. Keep the turnaround time in mind: While your car is being fixed by a car panel beating shop, find out the turn around to complete the work. Also, find out whether the company is willing to provide a replacement vehicle till your car is being repaired.

3. Quality Matters: Price is not the only factor to keep in mind while choosing a cheap panel beater. The quality of the service matters too. Take some time and find out if the panel beating service providers have the necessary professional equipment as well as well-trained panel beaters to get the task done. Dusting Automotive provides quality service at a cheap rate.

4. Guarantee is important: It is crucial to ensure that your car has a guarantee on the panel beating services it has received. If the framework of your car or chassis has been damaged in any way, and the repairs and attention it has received is not up to the mark, it can cause several problems in the future. Imperfect alignment of the chassis can cause serious difficulty for the driver. Hence, its best to check whether the panel beating service providers provide guarantee on the repaired car.

One of the most affordable and professional panel beaters in Melbourne are Dusting Automotive. We comply with all the concerns addressed beforehand and you will only find friendly and knowledgeable mechanics when you visit our panel beating shop for your car repairs. Get in touch with us for a FREE quote on our service.

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