Toyota Cars – Improving Your Car’s Technology for Reliable Driving

Known for quality car production, Toyota Cars have carved a special place for themselves in their customer’s heart. It is recognized as one of the leading car manufacturing company for several years and has garnered innumerable loyal clientele. Founded in 1937, Toyota car service centres have provided their customers with high quality service as well as reliable and sturdy products resulting in a sense of trust and consistency in service. At Dusting Automotive, we provide Toyota car service for our customers to access the company’s reliable product along with our impeccable service.

Toyota cars are now known for their reliability and is also recommended when first-time car buyers are looking for a pre-owned vehicle. Toyota car parts are easily accessible and have a longer lifespan compared to many other vehicles. Dusting Automotive is one such service centre where you can get your Toyota car maintained and find any replacement parts that you require.

How did Toyota achieve in making such a reliable car? There were some technical malfunctions in the cars produced by the company. One of them was the accelerator pedal and the changes that were brought to it. Toyota had first planned to introduce a shrunk model of the accelerator in Toyota 2007-2010 models avoid the accelerator getting caught under the driver’s floor mat.


However, it did not address the issue, which is why they decided to reprogramme the computer to include the brake to idle fail safe. Now, if the accelerator gets stuck, a touch of the brakes would instantly notify the computer that the gas pedal is to be ignored.

These complex mechanisms of Toyota have made it a reliable vehicle, and our mechanics at Dusting Automotive have the needed experience and expertise to understand the intricacies of the different Toyota models and work on them.

Toyota Car Service & Repairs in Melbourne

Dusting Automotive is well known in Melbourne for providing quality Toyota vehicle services to our clientele. Giving our customers the best Toyota service in Melbourne, we provide servicing, and maintenance for Toyota Cars. Whether it be wheel alignment, brake and clutch issue, spray painting or smash repair, we are known one of the most reliable Toyota car service providers in Melbourne.

Our team at Dusting Automotive is passionate about cars of all models and makes. Our professional mechanics are industry experts who ensure that our customers receive the best car service armed with the right tools and our award-winning workshop. We believe in providing quality service at a reasonable rate so that car maintenance does not pitch a hole in your pocket, and you can enjoy your car functioning efficiently while ensuring your safety.

Have a question brewing? Just give our experts a call and let us help you find customised solutions to all your car needs.

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